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You Are Viewing Showtimes for Friday, February 27, 2015
through Wednesday, March 04, 2015

  The Lazarus Effect (In 2-D)   PG-13
  1Hour 33Minutes
  12:50PM 2:55PM 5:05PM 7:10PM 9:15PM
The Lazarus Effect Poster 
  Focus (In 2-D)   R
  1Hour 33Minutes
  1:45PM 4:15PM 6:45PM 9:40PM
Focus Poster 
  Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (In 2-D)   R
  1Hour 33Minutes
  12:55PM 3:05PM 5:20PM 7:35PM 9:50PM
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Poster 
  McFarland USA (In 2-D)   PG
  2Hours 8Minutes
  12:50PM 3:40PM 6:30PM 9:20PM
McFarland USA Poster 
  The Duff (In 2-D)   PG-13
  1Hour 50Minutes
  2:00PM 4:30PM 6:55PM 9:25PM
The Duff Poster 
  Fifty Shades of Grey (In 2-D)   R
  2Hours 5Minutes
  12:35PM 1:25PM 3:25PM 4:10PM
  6:10PM 7:00PM 9:00PM 9:45PM
Fifty Shades of Grey Poster 
  Kingsman: The Secret Service (In 2-D)   R
  2Hours 9Minutes
  1:00PM 3:50PM 6:40PM 9:30PM
Kingsman The Secret Service Poster 
  The Spongebob Movie:
  Sponge Out of Water (In 2-D)
  1Hour 33Minutes
  12:45PM 3:00PM 5:15PM 7:30PM 9:45PM
The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Poster 
  American Sniper (In 2-D)   R
  1Hour 49Minutes
  12:40PM 3:35PM 6:35PM 9:35PM
American Sniper Poster